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Scriveiner Classic Silver Chrome Mechanical Pencil

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Silver Chrome

Customer Reviews

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Sean A.
Fantastic Writing Instruments

I have been using the Scriveiner fountain pen for over a year and enjoy every single time it touches the paper. Based on my positive experience with the fountain pen, I decided to give its mechanical pencil a trial. I should say that pencil also has not disappointed me as well. It is very elegant, has some weight to it and works nicely. I highly recommend it.

Smooth writing

I love this pencil. Even though it doesn't have an eraser it's good. I got the 7mm (bc I couldn't find 5mm) and it writes smoothly.

K. Brungraber
Handsome companion to my Scriveiner pen

I already own a Scriveiner pen; the pencil makes a fine companion. Since the pen I chose has a black barrel, I chose a pencil with a silver barrel to make it easy to distinguish them when they are clipped in my pocket.I initially thought the lack of an eraser would be a problem, but have obtained a covered, portable eraser that will be more versatile than a typical automatic pencil eraser.


Great quality, fast shipping.

Linda O

I knew nothing about this brand but took a chance and bought it. I have used Cross, Waterman, Mont Blanc and Sheaffer pens for years. There is something about a fine writing instrument that just makes you feel good. It is a shame how the public seems to have lost their appreciation for owning a quality pen and pencil. It has a good weight. It writes smoothly. It loads easily. It is simple to advance and retract the lead. It does not have an eraser which is not a deal breaker. It is worth every penny. I can honestly say I have never own a mechanical pencil that came with its own polishing cloth. It is a beautiful writing instrument. I do hope someone asks to borrow my pencil!!