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Scriveiner Classic Silver Chrome Rollerball Pen

Sale price$32.99 USD
Scriveiner Classic Silver Chrome Rollerball Pen
Scriveiner Classic Silver Chrome Rollerball Pen Sale price$32.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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Lady Wanda Hegens
Best Writing Pen

The quality of this pen is understated. It is smooth, it feels good as you hold it, and it is a great gift. This is the second one I've purchased. Both given as gifts. And they love this pen! The Mother of Pearl on the top of the pen gives it a professional exquisite look. It also comes nicely in its own gift box with an extra ink refill. You can't go wrong with this pen. It is absolutely beautiful!

New fountain pen user
No brainer to get.

I'm new to fountain pens so my opinion is limited but like some of the other reviews have said in this chrome/silver and gold trim this pen is gorgeous. It looks feels quality and it is (imo).It writes as good as it looks too, mine is really putting the ink down big time, I put noodler's baystate blue in mine and it's intense because how much the nib lays down but it's a fine nib. The other thing is whoever designed this pen knew what they're doing because the way the cap closes, just before the cap closes the motion is dampend and then there's a very positive snap when it shuts. I've never seen that kind of thing in a pen before I was impressed with the pen itself and the Way it wrote...No brainer to get, worth every penny/pence😁..

Shirley T.
It was a gift he loved it

I'm thinking about ordering a pen for myself

Good weight but ink isnt as good as hoped

More often then it should happen the pen doesnt write due to the ink possibly being of a lesser quality. Looks and weight are as hoped but the primary function is to write and it often doesnt.

Katrina B
Good customer service…

The first pen I got was absolutely horrible, it barely worked and being that it was almost $35 I assumed there wouldn’t be any issues, it was the only pen I brought on a journaling getaway only to find out that I couldn’t even write one word without it skipping. And same with the refill it came with. I sent it back for a refund and the company kindly offered to send a replacement. I am happy to report that the new one works perfectly as it should.