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Scriveiner Classic Black Lacquer fountain Pen - Broad Nib

Sale price$47.99 USD
Scriveiner Classic Black Lacquer fountain Pen - Broad Nib
Scriveiner Classic Black Lacquer fountain Pen - Broad Nib Sale price$47.99 USD

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Nicholas Huard

Love it

Your satisfaction is our goal, and we're glad our product has brought you happiness – thank you for your positive feedback!

Matthew Feltes
Incredible pen

I have many pens (lamy, pilot, cross, etc.) but this is by far the most comfortable to hold, smoothest, and best-looking pen I own, it was the first pen in my fountain pen collection and will always be one of my favorite pens 10/10 would recommend to anybody looking to get a great fountain pen for everyday carry.

We're thrilled to hear that our fountain pen stands out as the most comfortable, smoothest, and best-looking pen in your collection! Thank you for your glowing recommendation and for making it a favorite in your fountain pen collection. We're honored to have been your first choice, and we're delighted that it has met your expectations for everyday carry.


it was a present for my father, who collects pens and turned 96 years old. he loved it.

Awesome pen!

Awesome pen!

It writes beautifully, but it's not a broad nib

I've had a Parker Sonnet fountain pen with a medium nib for years. I thought I'd like a pen with a broad nib, but one that didn't cost the earth. From research and reading reviews, it was a coin toss between this (Scriveiner Black Lacquer Fountain Pen with a broad nib) and the Wordsworth and Black fountain pen with a broad nib.I ended up ordering them both, which is just as well as I have to return this pen. It writes beautifully and smoothly "straight from the box" but it is not a broad nib, which is why I've dropped one star. At the risk of displaying my atrocious handwriting look at the picture which shows examples from this pen's broad nib, my Parker Sonnet medium nib and the Wordsworth and Black broad nib. The nib width on the Scriveiner is almost identical to the Parker, with the Wordsworth and Black noticeably wider than both of the others. In all the pens I used Waterman Mysterious Blue bottled ink in their converters, I didn't use any cartridges.I haven't been able to find out the nib widths for the Wordsworth and Black, but a very helpful lady at Scriveiner told me that the Schmidt FH241 nib widths for their pens are:-Extra Fine - approx 0.35mmFine - approx 0.5mmMedium - approx 0.6mmBroad - approx 0.7mmAs you can see there is only 0.1mm difference between the Fine and Medium, and between the Medium and BroadI shall be returning this "broad" nib pen as soon as I've cleaned it because it's not what I wanted, but it writes so well and looks so good that I'm going to order another with a Fine nib, and if that nib is too similar to my Parker then I know where I can buy an extra fine nib.In short, if you're looking for a value-for-money fountain pen that writes beautifully smoothly without costing Mont Blanc prices your choices are a Scriveiner or a Wordsworth and Black. Just be aware that the Scriveiner broad nib is closer to a medium.