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Scriveiner Classic Black Lacquer fountain Pen - Fine Nib

Sale price$47.99 USD
Scriveiner Classic Black Lacquer fountain Pen - Fine Nib
Scriveiner Classic Black Lacquer fountain Pen - Fine Nib Sale price$47.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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Hugo Knott
My Favorite Fountain Pen

Writing utensils have a way of drawing my attention, they appeal to me. My wife does not understand why I "need" another pen or pencil. She was kind enough to present me with a Mont Blanc fountain pen, along with a Waterman roller ball, one holiday. I would use them for special occasions. One night I saw a Scriveiner Black Lacquer Fountain Pen appear on my Amazon page. I liked what I saw and read and added it to my Wish List. Several months ago it appeared again at a lower price. I debated for several seconds and then made the purchase. Four days later the pen was in my possession.Filled with ink, the pen writes extremely well. In a comparison to my Mont Blanc, I prefer the Scriveiner, most likely due to the fine point nib versus the wide point of the Mont Blanc. The Scriveiner feels good in my hand, it appears well made (three months usage to date, time will tell, but I expect it to be a long term condition). It is not a pen I will lend to anyone, but I do intend to leave it for my son, if I do not purchase one for him...

albert snedden
Great PENmanship

A wonderful pen,easy to set up and use. Writes smoothly and effortlessly. Definitely a quality product!

We're delighted to hear that you find our pen wonderful, easy to set up, and smooth to use. Thank you for your kind words and for choosing our quality product!

Excelente pluma

Excelente pluma. La compré en punta F. Me sorprendió, pues la verdad tenía algo de desconfianza frente a una marca novata (vengo de Parker, Aurora, Sheaffer el viejo, Lamy, Cross, Watermann). Pero encontré el tamaño, el peso, el volumen del capuchón y el del barril, accesorios incluidos, muy balanceados. Plumín bañada en oro, se desliza con suavidad y uniformidad. Para su precio es extraordinaria. La recomiendo sin la menor duda. Ojalá sus fabricantes no bajen la guardia en cuanto a la calidad y mantengan precio asequible. Quien la compre no se arrepentirá.

Hurcinio R.
It work

I bought 1 that never worked at all and they sent me a 2nd one that didn't work either so I bought this one and it worked great with no problem at all and has beautiful designs PS. The one that didn't work is from another company.

Bruce Nickel
The pen is beautiful to look at and produces quality writing. The nib is wonderful.

The pen fits well in hand and the nib flows nicely over the paper.