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Scriveiner Classic Crimson Red fountain Pen - Medium Nib

Sale price$47.99 USD

Nib Size:

Scriveiner Classic Crimson Red fountain Pen - Medium Nib
Scriveiner Classic Crimson Red fountain Pen - Medium Nib Sale price$47.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
I love this pen!

Love it!!

Mikel Luka
Amazing fountain pen

One of the best fountain pens you could have ever . Regardless the reviews you are worthy to try it yourself and see the experience 🌹❤️ you will definitely love it

W. Whiteley
Superb buy

This was a Christmas present for my wife - she was delighted. Thank you.

Lizzie C
An absolutely beautiful pen

I am so pleased with my pen and matching biro. They are comfy to hold. They look smart and stylish with my new leather case for them and handbag. I have had a couple of people say, how lovely they are so I'm thrilled. They look very expensive but the lovely thing is they were affordable. I love them.

Paul Jariabek
Excellent After-Sale Service

I love the feel of fountain pens as writing instruments and used them since I was a kid and got my first (plastic) fountain pen as a gift, which I still have in my collection. I really liked the understated style of this Scriveiner Fountain Pen and bought a red one with crimson ink for editing my manuscripts, since I print them out and mark them up for changes that I want to make.After almost a year of heavy use, my Scriveiner Pen had some kind of deposit or residue around the base of the barrel by the by the nib. I am usually very careful with my pens, so when I noticed this, I tried to clean it off. My effort unfortunately took the finish off the pen.Not expecting anything (since I bought it a year ago), I reached out to Scriveiner support anyway and explained the situation. I was amazed. The response I got was "This does not happen with our pens, please let us replace it for you." No questions asked, no charge, no hassle, and well after the initial warranty of the pen.Compare this with my experience with my Montblanc 149, which started to skip and dry out after several years of use. Montblanc wanted to send it back to New York for an estimate and charge me $350 just to look at it.Thank you, Catherine (in Scriveiner support), and thank you Scriveiner. This level of support is rare to find nowadays, and just earned you a lifelong customer—one that just bought another two pens from you, a black version of the same fountain pen and the copper version of the new EDC Fountain Pen that you just released.