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Scriveiner Classic Crimson Red fountain Pen - Fine Nib

Sale price$47.99 USD

Nib Size:

Scriveiner Classic Crimson Red fountain Pen - Fine Nib
Scriveiner Classic Crimson Red fountain Pen - Fine Nib Sale price$47.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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Sock Puppet
Pretty good on sale

I've had mine a few days after picking one up during the recent sale (50% off). I have to say at that price I'm quite happy with it. I wanted an inexpensive pen to ink up with some blue ink. I normally write in black but having blue for underlines, highlights, headings, etc. is nice.So far it's performing okay, nib is smooth and not scratchy (mine is fine), and it's not a particularly wet nib but it's very smooth. Works well with Noodler's Bay State Blue. There's just nothing amazing about it but it writes well and I am totally okay with that.The pen is a little small for my hand, but I don't write with it for long periods so that's not a big deal. I will say if I'd paid full price I'd feel a little cheated, the workmanship and materials just isn't a $40+ pen, but for half that, pretty good value. Has a little more pizazz than a lot of the inexpensive fountain pens you can find for under $20, though I admit that's very, very subjective.At full price I would still steer a new fountain pen user/owner to the trusty Lamy Safari, it can be had cheaper than this and is a significantly better pen. But this pen for half off is a pretty good deal.

Worth it's weight in gold.

The pen writes beautifully, perfectly balanced between weight and girth. Feels strong and so far there have been no ink leak or any problem of the sort. It comes with a cartridge and the reusable cartridge which is great.

Paul Bottwin
Scriveiner fountain pens stunning to look at write smoothly

Great looking pens, write very smoothly with easy ink flow. slightly on the slim side, would like a little thicker to hold but I have 4 of them and thoroughly enjoy writhing with them every day. Company most helpful and very quick to respond with additional advice on where to get ink converters, different nib additional nibs. Also very impressed with the Schmidt screw on ink inverter as opposed to push on one.This is an incredibly impressive pen with features way above it price range. Incredible quality compared to pens 4 and five times the price.

Writes beautifully

I am new to fountain pens. My last pen, a Beiluner, write nicely but would dry out very quickly. This Scriveiner stays in good operating condition even after days on my desk. I don't know how the nib compares to other pens, but I like how it writes. The only defect on my pen is a couple of tiny chips off the chrome on the Scriveiner band on the pen top.

Great buy!

Brought this as a present for my sister and she loves it!! Said it writes “beautifully “. I brought the red and the colour is vibrant, looks very classy..