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Scriveiner Classic Silver Chrome fountain Pen - Medium Nib

Sale price$47.99 USD
Scriveiner Classic Silver Chrome fountain Pen - Medium Nib
Scriveiner Classic Silver Chrome fountain Pen - Medium Nib Sale price$47.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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Michael Rowley
Converter didn’t work

The pen looks fantastic, you will get fingerprints on it, but they provided a cloth, the nib writes very smoothly. However, I had to dip it in ink because a converter didn’t work and I don’t prefer cartridges very poorly made converter.

Zachery Alvey
Worth it!

Hands down the best pen I have ever used! No disposable pen can ever come close. Do yourself a favor and get one and feel the difference. If you care about your writing and appreciate quality but don’t have $1000 to invent into a Mont Blanch this is the every day carry for gentlemen! So happy with this purchase.

Mari V
Beautiful Pen

A great pen. I have several and they are all smooth writing, easy to work with and a pleasure to hold and admire.

Elegant writing instrument.

I purchased this 3 years ago, so now has a fair amount of ink through it. Excellent quality. Reminds me of school as a youngster. Not so common to find a nice fountain pen like this used nowadays. Sure, fountain pens have a few foibles, but that's part of the enjoyment of writing with one, checking the ink level and refilling too. This one has far more character and personality than a ball point or fine tip marker.Edit: After a good long time, the pen started being difficult to get the ink to start flowing. Fix is easy, I emptied the pen of ink and then filled and flushed it with distilled water, fill empty, repeat, several times to clean and flush the pen and nib. Works like new again with no fussing to start writing.

Love it

I got this for a giftI didn't know what to get for a family Doctor I got this for his office he called me and told me that he is in love with it. Very good quality