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Scriveiner Classic Silver Chrome fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib

Sale price$47.99 USD

Nib Size:

Extra Fine
Scriveiner Classic Silver Chrome fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib
Scriveiner Classic Silver Chrome fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib Sale price$47.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Lucinda K.
Wonderful pen and great company support!

I love love this fountain pen! It has a good weight and writes beautifully. I like the extra fine nibs because sometimes I have to write legibly in tiny spaces. I had a total ink mess fiasco - omg, my hands looked like Charles Dickens’s after a long night of writing - due to not using their specific ink refills (I didn’t know not all refills fit the same) the company replaced the pen for me because I messed up the connection where the refills click in. I have actually sworn off the refills now and just use the converter with an ink bottle. It’s easy, more economical, and I love the way the converter clicks in then screws in securely.

Do not underestimate this Pen.

Certainly there are VERY expensive fountain pens on the market and I own a few. However, you don't want to always carry one and just want a pen to write notes with, etc. Enter Scriveiner.. Great value for the dollar, but it goes beyond that. These fountain pens just excel in all aspects. Writing is very smooth even with an extra fine nib, ink flow is just write and you can use your cartridge brand of choice or just use their brand. You can wait to buy a higher end pen that you won't use as much, or for those who appreciate writing, get one of these and just start!

$50 pen that looks and performs like a $200 pen

Great fountain pen. Uses standard ink cartridges. Weight and feel are comfortable. Writes smoothly. Several of my acquaintances noticed the pen and complimented its appearance.

Time Travlr
Scriveners Fountain Pen Silver Chrome

This is my second purchase of the same pen which is a gift to a friend. He desired a medium nib but everything else the same as mine.

Memphis customer
beautiful pen

bought as a gift for my wife. she has many fountain pens. this is a beautiful pen and glides across fine quality paper. very pleased.